'Michael Petr is Czech professional ballroom dancer, choreographer, singer and songwriter.

He start to ballroom dance from early age and become Czech national youth champion at the age 17 and was in top 4t at the European showdance championship. 

After finishing university he moved to USA where he turned professional and was in the top 5 in the European 10 Dance, World Mambo and Salsa Championships. 

He numerous times appeared on the TV and radio. He was professional dancer on the reality TV series "StarDance2" (Czech version of "Dancing with the Stars"). 

He appeared on the US Dance TV Show "So You Think You Can Dance" in the United States.


After retiring from competitions he spent 4 years studying dance and teaching around  the world mainly in NYC, Singapore, Sydney, Germany, London, Argentina and Middle East.

Upon his return he moved to LA and started to work locally with many celebrities who aspired to be on the dance TV shows. 


In 2012 he moved to Oregon where he founded a dance team "Michael Petr Dance" and won 2017 Top Teacher Award at the World Pro/Am Championship. 

Besides dancing playing music has been his passion from early age, growing up he played in multiple music bands on variety of instruments.

In 2019 he released his debut music single and video "Stánek na Rohlíky" in Czech republic, which got over 100k views in first 3 weeks on Youtube.


Currently he is working on new singles where he will promoting ballroom dancing and dancers.  

for more info about dance visit www.michaelpetrdance.com